PRAIRIE SCHOONERS by Patrick Dougherty

March 2018 through March 2019
H.A. Chapman Centennial Green | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Patrick Dougherty has completed his newest work, Prairie Schooners, at the H.A. Chapman Centennial Green in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the third project of Urban Core Art Project, an arts organization with a mission to develop site-inspired public art while activating pedestrian spaces and fostering economic development. We encourage our Oklahoma friends to visit Tulsa now through March 2019 - and those further west can still view Footprint in Green from #GBAF2016 in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado!

Visit Stickwork.net for more information.
Pictured: Prairie Schooners, 2018. UCAP Urban Core Art Project.
Photo Credit: Geoffrey Hicks

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