'Musical Swings' return to Colorado for Green Box Arts Festival

Published: March 18, 2018   •   By: Jen Mulson

Source: http://gazette.com/musical-swings-return-to-colorado-for-green-box-arts-festival/article/1622856

 Summer is meant for swinging.

"The Musical Swings" will make an encore appearance in Green Mountain Falls as part of the Green Box Arts Festival, running June 29 through July 7. The swings first entranced folks in the Pikes Peak region during the 2014 festival and are being brought back to help commemorate the 10th anniversary of the event started in 2009 by New York City-based philanthropist Christian Keesee, chairman of Kirkpatrick Bank, Kirkpatrick Oil & Gas Co..

Daily tous les jours, a Montreal design studio, is the creator of the giant swing set for kids and adults. Each of its 10 swings comes in one of four colors and has a corresponding musical note. That note is played whenever somebody sits and swings. A blue note will produce a harp tone, yellow is vibraphone, pink is piano and green is guitar. The higher that one swings, the higher the note, and synchronized swinging by a group creates a more complex sound.

"The installation connects people, and you can experience nature in a new way," Melissa Mongiat, co-creator of the swing set, told The Gazette in 2014. "It's midway between urban design and interactive art."

The eight-day event features local, regional and nationally known musicians and dance companies, along with conversations on art, classes, art camps for kids and other events. Most events are free. Online registration is required for many classes and events, and free tickets are required for all dance and music performances.

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