Arts14 Initiative

The school district values its partnerships with local arts organizations such as Green Box Arts, the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale, FAIM, the MSAA, Pikes Peak Studio, Concrete Couch and others, and provides quality, well priced, opportunities beyond the school day in theatre, music, choir, visual art, film, dance and design.


During the summer of 2019, Arts14 partnered with the Green Box Arts Festival to offer a two-week Green Box Arts Camp and Music Camp during the festival. More than 100 children attended and enjoyed learning and creating alongside festival dancers, musicians, and artists. The two camps are also planned for the 2020 festival. Registration information for these camps is available at


Green Box Arts also partners with the Mountain Academy for Arts and Sciences – a full-day, sixth-grade experience at Ute Pass Elementary School located in Chipita Park, Colorado. The program’s unique size and setting allow classes to learn and experience a variety of topics throughout the school year and develop skills and techniques in leadership, STEAM, and music in a multidisciplinary way. The program attracts children from Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Teller County. More information on the Mountain Academy for Arts and Sciences can be found here.

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