SHELTER: Patrick Dougherty & Rachel Hayes

February 2 through March 25, 2018
108|Contemporary | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Shelter brings together two nationally recognized artists, sculptor Patrick Dougherty and fiber artist Rachel Hayes in a thought-provoking exploration of space, architecture, and structures. Hayes' vibrant delicate fabric installations form a dialogue with the images of Dougherty's stickworks, or site-specific sculptures created from weaving together sticks. With vastly different techniques and approaches, both artists highlight the concept of space and structure, ultimately making us wonder how we create the space we inhabit. 

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Patrick Dougherty was the featured installation artist at the 2016 Green Box Arts Festival. His sculpture, Footprint in Green, remains on view at Dorothy Conn Park in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

Pictured: Footprint in Green by Patrick Dougherty. Photo Credit: David Lauer

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