Vinyl billboards have been central to artist Jason Willaford’s practice and his medium of choice for over seven years, positioning him as a befitting choice to create a billboard for Green Box Arts Festival. His approach to using vinyl has transformed drastically through numerous series and exhibitions, but his commissioned piece serves as an extension of Willaford’s current outlook in line this most recent body of work. Through a meticulously-honed additive and subtractive process that involves cutting, sewing, and painting with markers, spray paints, and latex paint, the vinyl is used to create objects that become their own entities and defy their original physical characteristics. Willaford’s history as a painter also comes through strongly in this body of work. Vivid applications of spray paint are often used to create volume through color while paint markers visually reinforce composition and topography through drawing. Through this use of painting, Willaford completely transforms one’s reading of the material.

Begin with an Ending

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