Pard Morrison

Wayfinding: Located right in the center of town off Ute Pass Avenue, Loveletter will be placed in Gazebo Lake Park as one of the Green Box Arts Festival’s 2020 featured art installations. The sculpture will be on view through Labor Day, 2020.

Colorado native, artist, and sculptor Pard Morrison is thrilled to bring his Loveletter installation to this summer’s Green Box Art’s Festival. The sculpture will be on view at Gazebo Lake Park. Morrison’s aluminum fabrications, appearing both solid and apparitional at once, are based on a rational, geometric foundation, with the use of color to denote depth and space. The artist describes his work as “momentary portraits of systems that are in flux,” with the likeness to something engineered and purposeful displaced by the viewer’s awareness that optical perception plays a key role in how an object is recognized.

“I am thrilled to install my sculpture for the Green Box Arts Festival as I feel very at home placing my work outside of the white box gallery and museum vernacular that is most commonly associated with contemporary art installation and experience,” said Morrison. “My hope is that visitors to my installation enjoy the intriguing contrast between natural beauty and human made beauty, and leave with a sense of mystery and joy.”

Location: Gazebo Lake Park—6990 Lake Street, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

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