Panorama of Green Mountain Falls

William Edward Hook

The perspective of this panorama was taken from Red Butte, looking toward the backdrop of Green Mountain Falls. Coming into town on the main road from the west, you can see the original footprint of the Congregational Church of Christ of Green Mountain Falls. Chartered in 1889, the building still stands today as the Church in the Wildwood. Gazebo Lake was dug in the late 1880s and the island and pavilion could only be reached by boat. The gazebo has been restored many times and is considered the icon of the town. On the lake you can see a boathouse, where boats were rented to reach the gazebo on the island. On the backend of the lake, you can see the Midland Depot where the Colorado Midland Railroad ran from 1887 – 1918 and the Midland Terminal Railway ran from 1919 – 1949.


On the east side of the lake, you can see the Town Company Land Office, constructed in 1890 as a sales office for the Green Mountain Falls Town and Improvement Company. From 1908 – 1916, the structure was used as a Kodak film shop for photofinishing and was also used for many years as a sales office for fishing licenses and ice skate rentals. In 2018, the building was restored by the Ute Pass Historical Society and is now used for book sales on the weekends in the summer.


On the left side of the image stands the Green Mountain Falls Hotel, which opened on May 19, 1889 and stood three stories high with 70 rooms, a bath house, and a bowling alley. The hotel burned to the ground in June of 1908. The building at the highest altitude in this image is the Green Mountain Falls schoolhouse, which was built in the early 1890s and only used for a few years. The schoolhouse is now a private home. Down the hill stands the Lakeview Terrace Hotel. Originally constructed in 1889, this hotel appealed to visitors of more modest means.


The perspective of this panorama from Red Devil Mountain is the future home of a permanent Skyspace installation by American light and space contemporary artist James Turrell, set to open in the summer of 2021. 

Historical reference by: Judy Perkins

The presented image has been modified to fit the installation.

Photographer: William Edward Hook, 1907


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