Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose

Chad Mount

Wayfinding: Located at the very end of Lake Street in the center of town, Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose sits on a billboard in the parking lot next to public access to Gazebo Lake as one of the Green Box Arts Festival’s 2020 featured art installations. The installation will be on view through Labor Day, 2020. 

Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose is a new work by American artist Chad Mount, who was the first Green Box Artist in Residence in February 2020. Primarily known as a painter, Mount has worn many hats from illustrating for SPIN magazine to Playstation Game Development.


From the highest mountain to lowest ocean, technology offers a new view of an ancient world. During his Artist in Residence stay, Mount explored concepts involving the marriage of “bleeding-edge” and analog technologies to layer texture, light, and sound across the natural world, using nature and the Colorado Rockies as a canvas.


In 2013 Mount was featured in Studio Visit Magazine and his unique macro photographic painting process known as Blooming Currents was projection mapped in real-time across a 50' x 20' canvas in a collaborative performance of the Carmina Burana with the Canterbury Choral Society and the OKCPHIL at the OKC Civic Center. Mount was one of eight international artists selected to take part in the Arteles Creative Residency, one of the largest and most internationally-recognized residency programs in Scandinavia. Mount has been commissioned for a diverse assemblage of projects. His work can be seen in collections ranging from The Oklahoma History Center to Toy2R HQ, Hong Kong. 


Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose is an examination of the artful ways in which we can harness the newest projection technologies to create art installations. Green Mountain Falls after a freshly fallen snow made for a magical opportunity to precisely study light when projected onto a ponderosa pine. Every pixel of light Mount applied to trees via video projection bounced reflections of countless snow crystals, amplifying the ambient lighting effects across tree branches set against a black sky.


Of his work Mount says: “Wrapping nature with technology—in a mindful way, in a way that playfully stimulates one’s sense while experiencing art—was my primary goal. Embracing a strategy of optimism infused with art experiences and a dose of current knowledge of forest ecology helped me reimagine the collective relationship with the natural world. The interconnectivity of the forest community became delightfully undeniable.”


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