We are proud to be associated with a number of extraordinary organizations, who we work with throughout the year and in imperative ways.

Historic Green Mountain Falls foundation

The Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation (HGMFF) is committed to the enhancement and preservation of the unique qualities of the Green Mountain Falls and Chipita Park area. The purpose of the Foundation is to focus on the maintenance and protection of open space, parks, trails and projects that are an integral part of this distinctive setting at the base of Pikes Peak, as well as preservation of historic structures. Properties acquired by the Foundation are owned in perpetuity to preserve the back scape, protecting the serene views of the national forest from inappropriate development

the work of hgmff

Sustaining and Preserving the land it owns

The HGMFF takes a holistic approach in reviewing a variety of issues including fire mitigation, safety and environmental impact of trails and structures.  The organization has had the good fortune of successfully partnering with the community, the town of Green Mountain Falls, and the Green Mountain Falls Committee to improve the trail systems at the H.B. Wallace Reserve, Mount Dewey, the Catamount Trail and the Red Butte Recreation Area.  

Additional HGMFF properties include the Green Box Arts Workshop on Lake Street; Lakeview Terrace, which consists of two buildings: a historic inn and “The Shed”, a renovated residential space that houses the Green Box Artist-in-Residency program.  

ArtDesk magazine

ArtDesk is a free, quarterly publication devoted to the contemporary arts, performance, and thought.  ArtDesk keeps readers informed by focusing on regional and national events, exhibitions, and education, promoting creative literacy and appreciation.  ArtDesk debuted in October 2013, and is published by the Kirkpatrick Foundation.

ArtDesk often features Green Box events, and copies of the magazine are always available at the Green Box office.  Additionally, Green Box donors receive a complimentary lifetime subscription to ArtDesk Magazine.

More information about ArtDesk is available at:

Kirkpatrick Family Fund

Founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick in 1989, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund supports charitable, civic and cultural causes that impact citizens in central Oklahoma and beyond.  The Kirkpatrick Family Fund has funded organizations and programs across many areas of need, contributing almost $80 million to more than 650 qualified nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to address the greatest needs in their communities.

Green Box started as a program of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.  Additionally, the Fund has partners with the town of Green Mountain Falls on restoration efforts of the Sallie Bush Community Building, the Lake Street beautification project, and maintenance projects to town parks and Gazebo Lake.

This integral community organization is made up of local trails enthusiasts who volunteer their time to develop and maintain a system of local trails to serve recreational needs of town residents and visitors.


Church in the wildwood

Green Box utilizes spaces inside this beautiful 19th century church each summer.

The Church in the Wildwood is an inclusive, relationship-based community.  The church shares commitment to worship and study, fellowship and mutual care, and the community beyond their congregation.


We are proud to be affiliated with the following national and regional organizations. 
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