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Green Mountain Falls Skyspace, an experiential work by iconic light and space artist James Turrell (born 1943), officially opened on June 18 to kick off the 2022 Green Box Arts Festival. Newly named upon completion by the artist, the installation is the first Skyspace in the state of Colorado and the first in the world to be nestled into the side of a mountain.
How we perceive colors and light and interact with nature, have been the leading tropes of James Turrell’s work. With a background in the Light and Space movement, Turrell is among the most successful contemporary artists who managed to bring his vision to a large number of people, with works installed in public spaces worldwide.
It’s finally here. The long-awaited Green Mountain Falls Skyspace attraction, featuring showcase work by internationally-acclaimed light and space artist James Turrell, has been officially unveiled.
Imagine going on a mile-long hike in the middle of nature, on a mountain among the vast expanse of pine trees near Pikes Peak, Colorado. Suddenly, arriving at a chamber more than five meters high, with a retractable roof, in a structure created with natural elements, such as pine wood and stones, and enjoying a spectacle of colors in the sky from sunrise to sunset.