Green Mountain Falls


Skyspace asks you to look up and embrace a new perspective. Experience the natural beauty of Colorado’s ever-changing sky and get closer to nature through this one-of-a-kind interactive exhibit.


Experience skyspace

Built on a butte overlooking Gazebo Lake and bathed by the rustling of pine trees, the Green Mountain Falls Skyspace is a harmonious addition to the charming town at the foothills of Pikes Peak—an extension of the landscape, preserved in its natural setting. Your experience begins with an inspirational mountain journey via two new trailheads that deliver hikers directly to the sheltered Skyspace on the butte above.

Be enveloped in a kinetic light and color encounter—a sensory and contemplative experience unlike anywhere else in the world. The Skyspace stands at 18-feet-tall and is one of the few in the world with a retractable roof, allowing for “closed roof” shows to occur outside of our Sunrise and Sunset experiences.  

Tickets for Skyspace experiences through September 2024 are now available. Make sure to check out the special Skyspace events in April with Artist in Residence, Gaeya!

skyspace Shows

Check the ticketing page for specific dates and times of public shows.  For schools and other groups, email:

Outside of formal show times the trail system is open daily. The Skyspace is available to visit without a ticket, in its natural state after Sunrise and before Sunset on days the Skyspace is open, unless the trail system is closed due to weather or maintenance.

Please note that all ticket sales for Skyspace are final , non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different date.

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Directions & parking

Getting to the Skyspace

Our Skyspace has multiple viewing times each week, some at formal times, with other opportunities to happen upon it.  To access the Skyspace, you can find trailheads located just North of Gazebo Lake, and at the Eastern end of the Joyland parking lot. Take a look at our campus map and trail map to find preferred trailheads and parking lots.

Parking areas and directions

Red Butte Recreational Area WEST  |  Joyland/Pittman Trailhead
10605 Green Mountain Falls Rd.
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819
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Red Butte Recreational Area EAST  |  Lower Turrell Trailhead
10392 El Paso Ave.
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819
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Suggested routes for showings
Closed roof/Mid-day shows
Sunset showings
Sunrise showings

Skyspace FAQ's

The Skyspace is a permanent installation.

Please arrive to begin your journey between 30 and 60 minutes before your reservation time.

Our Skyspace is located on the new Red Butte Recreation Area, above the center of town.  There are two trailheads on either side of the Butte that will provide access.  The Pittman Trail, accessed via the Joyland Parking Lot is the more scenic route.  The Turrell Trail is shorter, but steeper, and is accessed behind Gazebo Lake on Ute Pass Avenue.

Base your starting point on the maps shown on the ticketing page.  

We will not allow entrance to the Skyspace during Closed Roof shows if you arrive after the lighting sequence has started.  For sunrise and sunset shows, the door to enter the Skysapce remains open, and you are welcome even if you arrive after the show has started.

The Skyspace remains open in inclement weather, but if the temperature is below 25 degrees, we will cancel showings and close the trail.  Because our Skyspace is one of the few in the world with a retractable roof, some Sunrise and Sunset shows will be replaced by closed roof shows in significant weather situations.  In any event, to get to and from the Skyspace, you will probably get wet in the event of rain.

Layered clothing, hiking shoes, flashlight/head lamp, hat/sunglasses, bottled water.  Additionally, you are welcome to bring a seat cushion and/or blanket into the Skyspace with you. Please read our Skyspace Restrictions for more information.

The hike from the center of town to the Skyspace is moderate for experienced hikers and is between 15 and 30 minutes based on your speed. Keep in mind that the hike includes steeper sections with an increase in altitude from the base of town which is already 7,800 feet above sea level. Trails are marked thoroughly.

For those who are unable to hike to the Skyspace and back, a vehicle (ATV) driven by Green Box staff is available for transport.

Reservations for vehicle access are limited and must be made at least 48 hours before your scheduled visit.  Email for more information.

For those who have secured ATV transport, the ATV will pick you up at the Red Butte Recreational Area EAST Trailhead 30 minutes before the show’s scheduled start time. The ATV will be on its way if it is not there when you arrive.  

Yes! There’s always more to explore in Green Mountain Falls. Check out our events calendar, trip planning page, and additional information on Green Mountain Falls to learn more.

Our Skyspace is the newest addition to James Turrell’s Skyspace series. It is the first Skyspace built on the side of a hill and the first one in Colorado. Visit James Turrell’s website to learn more about the artist.

meet James turrell

For over half a century, the American artist James Turrell has worked directly with light and space to create artworks that engage viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception. Turrell, an avid pilot who has logged over twelve thousand hours flying, considers the sky as his studio, material and canvas. New Yorker critic Calvin Tompkins writes, “His work is not about light, or a record of light; it is light — the physical presence of light made manifest in sensory form.”

Reserve your skyspace visit today

With sunrise and sunset shows being the most dynamic time to visit the Skyspace, and seating limited to 25 per showing, we suggest reserving well in advance.

Skyspace is closed due to weather

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