The HGMFF takes a holistic approach in reviewing a variety of issues to sustain and protect all the land it owns: fire mitigation, safety, and environmental impact of trails and structures. The organization has had the good fortune of successfully partnering with the community, the town of Green Mountain Falls, and the Green Mountain Falls Trails Committee to improve the trail systems at the H.B. Wallace Reserve, Mount Dewey and in the future Red Devil Mountain.

A good example of HGMFF beautification efforts is Mountain Road Corner, located at the intersection of Ute Pass and Mountain Road. Once an eyesore with a number of dilapidated buildings and mounds of trash, today this location is a welcoming green space with wildflowers, picnic tables, and a perfect setting for the sculpture Four Orbits, by William O. Perry. These improvements are self-funded and supported by the HGMFF at no cost to the community.

The citizens of Green Mountain Falls have been good partners in the development of all HGMFF properties. In addition to furthering its mission to protect the natural environment, there are plans to add a new trail extending from Town Hall to Gazebo Lake via Red Devil Mountain.

Additional Foundation properties include the Green Box Arts Workshop on Lake Street and Lakeview Terrace, which consists of two buildings: a historic inn and The Shed, a renovated residential space that will house the Green Box Art Artists in Residence program. The Kirkpatrick Family Fund has also partnered with the Town on restoration efforts of the Sallie Bush Community Building, a Lake Street Beautification Project, maintenance projects to the park and Gazebo Lake, and hosting the annual Green Box Arts Festival each summer.

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