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A World Of Dance: A Variety Of Rhythms

Green Box Studio @ Sallie Bush Community Center
$15  (For audience ages 4+)

 This summer, Green Box brings FIVE different dance companies to Green Mountain Falls, in a diverse performance featuring styles and rhythms from throughout the world.  Each performance will feature work from the following dancers/companies: 

Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, a 2016 Bessie Award winner for Innovative Achievement in Dance, creates work for the dynamic group of multifaceted dancers in her company Ephrat Asherie Dance (EAD). Rooted in various African American and Latine vernacular dances, including breaking, hip-hop, house and vogue, EAD is dedicated to exploring the inherently complex and dynamic qualities of these forms – Asherie’s “movement phrases–compact bursts of choreography with rapid-fire changes in rhythm and gestural articulation — bubble up and dissipate, quickly paving the way for something new” (The NY Times). 
*Note: Ephrat will only be appearing through July 7th  

GALLIM Dance is a modern dance company founded in 2007 by groundbreaking choreographer Andrea Miller.  GALLIM is a home for the exchange of movement wisdom through the three pillars of art-making, education, and community-building.  GALLIM nurtures creative careers and stimulates the imagination of worldwide audiences through performance, education, and innovation in the movement arts, envisioning a world where creativity, movement and art is accessible, valued and serving its role of communicating the experience of our times.

Michela Marino Lerman, winner of the Hoofer and FloBert Awards, is a world renowned tap dance artist, performer, choreographer, band leader, educator and all-around creative spirit. The NY Times has called her both a “prodigy” and has described her dancing as “flashes of brilliance.” Michela will be performing with Russell Hall, one of the most in-demand bass players in New York City. 

Jesús Muñoz Flamenco has, for over 10 years, worked to preserve and innovate the uniquely improvisational language of Flamenco art while enriching communities through multi-generational participation in the arts.  The company, founded in 2010 in Albuquerque, has developed a physical, visual and sonic vocabulary that intersects Flamenco with Latin, Jazz and Hip-Hop, reflecting the experiences and backgrounds of company artists and audiences. 

Barkha Patel is a kathak dancer, choreographer, educator, and the Artistic Director of Barkha Dance Company based in New York City. Barkha has performed solo and ensemble works at dance festivals in India and the U.S.  Barkha was recently awarded the 2023 Juried Bessie Award for “elegantly and magnificently creating, educating, and sharing work that elevates classical Indian and Kathak dance. Patel is deeply rooted in her art form’s spiritual and cultural history and is a contemporary voice that will contribute to the evolution of Kathak dance and its place in the dance world at large.” 





7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Dates & Tickets
  • Fri. Jul 5, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065
  • Sat. Jul 6, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065
  • Sun. Jul 7, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065
  • Fri. Jul 12, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065
  • Sat. Jul 13, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065
  • Sun. Jul 14, 2024

    Call for tickets (719) 465-3065


Sallie Bush Community Building
Sallie Bush Community Building
10795 Ute Pass Avenue, Green Mountain Falls, CO, USA