Skyspace Special Event with Artist in Residence Gaeya

Gaeya, in her mission to bring people closer to nature through her music, takes listeners deeper into the healing frequencies of music. Using drums, singing bowls, and Gaeya’s powerful voice, she creates a space of sound healing, guiding you to strengthen the connection to your inner power.

The use of sound and vibrations is an ancient tradition used worldwide for thousands of years to support healing and clarity. In this group meditation, participants sit on benches, immersed in sound and song accompanied by the stunning light experience at Green Box Skyspace. Each session begins with setting intentions, followed by approximately 30 min of sounding meditation. After the meditation, participants have the possibility to stay and share their experiences and any messages that may arise during the session.

Dates & Tickets


3:00 pm
2024 annual Green box arts festival

Tickets and registration begin for patron-level donors of $250.00 or more on May 1, 2024. Tickets and registration for the general public begin on May 15, 2024!