226.5’ ARC x 4

Bernar Venet

Wayfinding: Located off of Lake Street in the center of town behind the Green Box Arts Farm Stand that sits directly next to The Pantry restaurant.

For more than five decades, improvisation has helped shape Bernar Venet’s art forms. Beginning with photography and mediums such as coal and tar, Venet began using steel after becoming interested in logic and mathematics. When creating his monumental steel sculptures, Venet didn’t use preparatory drawings, he used intuition to shape each curve of steel to create visually captivating forms. Venet’s sculptures have been shown all over the world and are included in many of the most prestigious public and private collections in Europe, America, and Asia. The steel sculptures of Venet grace public plazas and beautiful gardens around the world.


Location: Green Box Arts Farm Stand - 6990 Lake Street, Green Mountain Falls, 80819

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