Schulhof's Curve

Richard Serra

With its sweep of rigorous COR-TEN steel that dramatically bisects the environment in which it stands, Richard Serra’s Schulhof’s Curve is a modestly scaled version of his imposing free-standing structures that have come to symbolize the artist’s unique brand of sculpture. Bold, decisive and unmistakably Serra, Schulhof’s Curve beautifully encapsulates the artist’s belief that sculpture should work in contradiction to the spaces and places where it is created. Wherever it is situated, the sculpture’s dramatic curve creates both a physical and aesthetic hurdle that seeks to integrate the viewer directly into the sculpture’s environment and disrupt the usual conventions associated with viewing sculpture. The curve has become one of Serra’s most important motifs and in its graceful form he found a way of powerfully and succinctly expressing the ideas that he wanted to impart to the world.

Location: 6850 Park Avenue, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

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