The Green Box Arts Festival was established with the goal of providing artists and visitors with an opportunity to nurture the creative process and explore new artistic directions in the natural beauty of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

You can help make cultural events possible in Green Mountain Falls and Ute Pass today!

Green Box Arts Festival Giving Benefits - 2019All DonorsFan $50+Friend $150+Patron $250+Silver Patron $500+Gold Patron $1,000+Platinum Patron $2,500+Diamond Patron $5,000+Festival Sustainer $10,000+

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Please note the 2019 Giving Benefits above apply to donations received between August 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019.

Thank you to our Green Box Arts Festival Donors

  • Gail Ackerman and Erik Munroe
  • Derry and Dave Adams
  • Nasit Ari and Libby Rittenberg
  • Kay and Terry Bachus
  • Pam Banta
  • Karen and Jeff Becker
  • Bill Berenz
  • Carol and Charles Blackwood
  • Rhonda Blain
  • Pam and Wayne Bland
  • Joanna Bolek
  • Lisa Bonwell and John Bell
  • Dawn and Michael Borelli
  • Gary and Anne Bradley
  • Terry Lee Bradley
  • Dick Bratton
  • Chris and Catherine Briggs-Hale
  • Nancy Brittain and David Brittain
  • Jim and Joy Brown
  • Cindy and David Bruner
  • Elizabeth and Bruce Brunsdon
  • Tina and Jack Burdett
  • Robert and Beth Carlson
  • Linda Lee Carpenter
  • Roxana Cazan
  • Cynthia Chandler
  • Sally Coberly
  • Jane and Bill Corrigan
  • Lucy and John Covington
  • Clint Cox
  • Nancy and Charlie Craig
  • David and Marlies Cunningham
  • Spence and Julie Cutting
  • Sandra Dantzer
  • Sharon and Tom Dobson
  • George Drew
  • Peter Eckert
  • Elizabeth Eickman and Marvin Quinn
  • Michael and Adele Faber
  • Marilyn Feaster
  • Michael Fink
  • Barb and Gary Florence
  • Kathleen Fox Collins
  • Chris Frandina
  • Ronald and Susan Frindt
  • John and Amy Garrison
  • Abbie and Will Giraud
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giraud, III
  • LaVada Gjerstad
  • Camilla Gresham
  • Gretchen and Spencer Gresham
  • Laurie and Joe Guido
  • Erin Hannan
  • Bruce and Meg Henderson
  • Kevin and Martha Henry
  • Bob and Sondra Hochhalter
  • Ellen Hoover
  • Denise Horton
  • Lisa Huizenga
  • Jim and Becky Hurley
  • Debby and Doug Hydeman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sean Ives
  • Alesia Jacobsen
  • Pam and Pat Keller
  • Jennifer and Fritz Kiersch
  • Jeanne and Terry Kirkpatrick
  • Jackie Klusmeyer
  • Helen and Steve Gragert
  • Diane Kremer
  • David Douglas and Lamar Mathews
  • Lin and Lucy Lamme
  • Donna W. Lester
  • Christina and Kevin Lewis
  • Beth Lindquist
  • Kathy Loo and Jim Raughton
  • Leslie and Dan May
  • Bonny and Newman McAllister
  • Louisa McCune
  • Rebecca McDonald
  • Marilyn and Bruce McSpadden
  • Patrick and Judy Mee
  • Debra Mee and Victor Goetz
  • Judy and John Mee, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Mee Payne and John Chaney
  • Linda and K.B. Mehl
  • Bob and Kathleen Mellor
  • Shawn and Robin Meyers
  • Kathleen Morrow
  • Barbara Stanley and Kent Mau
  • Emily Murawski
  • Steve and Francie Murphy
  • Ginny Newman
  • Kenneth and Melissa Nord
  • Neaty and Jim Oaks
  • Sean O'Connell
  • Olive Real Estate Group, Inc., James Justus and Nancy Stage Robinson
  • Chris and Linda O'Shea
  • Janice and Sterling Penman
  • Penman Construction & Properties, Sterling and Mike Penman
  • Norm and Lynn Peterson
  • Timothy Pool
  • Reuben and Sue Rainey
  • Susie and Ramsay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Razook
  • Eileen Reff Richardson
  • Shannon Richards
  • Karen and Bob Sanders
  • Peter and Jane Scanlon
  • William and Mary Jo Schraml
  • Dr. Linda Seger
  • Bill and Ginny Shackelford
  • Rachel and David Shortt
  • Sara and Philip Snow
  • Mike and Patti Steele
  • Molly and Tyler Stevens
  • Jesse Stroope and Phil Morris
  • R. Thayer Tutt
  • Judith and Stephen Trowbridge
  • Dennis and Susan Ullery
  • Jane Veldman
  • Jocelyn Wall
  • Karen Watson and Craig Peterson
  • Patti and Jim White
  • Elizabeth Wieland

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